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Why Swing Dance Classes in Houston, TX are Highly Favored by Many Wedding Couples

Swing Wedding Dance is a Favorite

Food and beverages are two important factors that contribute to the success of a wedding celebration. If there is one thing that the guests will remember in a wedding, that would be the food, well aside from the romantic atmosphere in the venues every time you and your partner kissed. Do you think there is something else you need to add in the celebration that can excite and make your wedding day more memorable?

It will depend on the kind of wedding celebration you would like to host. If you prefer a small and intimate wedding, you can simply play your mp3 player when it’s time to hit the dance floor. When there is a long list of guests that are expected to attend, you should prepare something. It does not necessarily have to be big or grand. Most couples nowadays enroll in wedding swing dance classes in Houston, TX to have a choreographed wedding first dance.

You must be wondering ‘Why dance swing for the wedding?’ Swing is a fun kind of dance, especially for weddings. Unlike slow dance or waltz that moves in a slow pace, swing is bouncy and fun. So if you want to perform something different and want to surprise the guests with a cheerful wedding first dance, choose swing and dance to the beat of Love Me Do or This Kiss.

Since swing is a cheerful dance, it will make the tired and worn out guests come alive and dance along. It can add a little bit of excitement at the wedding reception. Of course, as newlyweds, you are still the stars, but dancing swing can give thrill to the guests, especially if you execute a routine that they did not expect to see from both of you.

When you are done with your first wedding dance, your guests that were blown away with the excellent swing routines will probably come to you. Why don’t you teach them some swing dance steps, and they will truly love dancing to it all night. Don’t expect only the elderly will be thrilled to dance to swing. The young kids these days don’t see much ballroom and Latin dances, so they will be excited to dance it too.

A swing wedding dance will be an absolute blast. Your guests won’t forget the wedding especially with some impressive routines. Make sure that when you enroll for wedding swing dance classes in Houston, TX, study and memorize to hear the dance steps. It also helps if you are comfortable the choreography or you might both feel awkward dancing in front of your guests.

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