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Houston TX Sweet Wedding Cakes

The Evolution of Wedding King Cakes in Houston, TX

How Wedding King Cakes in Houston, TX Evolved Throughout the Years

Throughout the last decades, the popularity of king cakes have exploded and more people have been craving to serve the best king cakes for their event. As a matter of fact, restaurants and bakeries are adding more flavors and fillings to the cake in order to provide a wide variety of choices for the customers.

wedding cakeFrom simple and plain looking cakes, wedding king cakes in Houston, TX have evolved greatly throughout the years. As a matter of fact, bakeries are offering king cake flavored products, and king cake hamburgers and customers seemed to crave for more of these cakes.

King cakes originated as a simple puff pastry filled with delicious almond cream in France many centuries ago. This is to celebrate the Epiphany. Since sugar, wheat and flour has become available, the cake evolved and reached Southern France and Northern Spain. Until the 19th century, the green, purple and gold decorations are not yet used in decorating the cake.

In the 20th century, people baked the cake with the famous baby Jesus inside. Nowadays, a plastic baby Jesus is used inside the cake instead of a baked one. However, some king cakes does not have a baby Jesus and fillings are used instead.

People have become experimental when baking wedding king cakes in Houston, TX. More and more bakeries and restaurants provide their own style and recipe when baking the cake. With the many ingredients that are now available, more and more people are creating king cakes of different flavor, sizes and designs for the wedding.

From the gold, green and purple sugar frosting, there are many toppings that are used today. For instance, fruits, nuts, marshmallows, and sprinkles are used in decorating the king cake in order for it to be more visually appealing most especially for children. Rather than using simple flour, many ingredients are being added in order to come up with delicious dough. Also, wide arrays of fillings are used.

Wedding king cakes in Houston, TX have evolved from a simple cake to a modern cake that is made with various ingredients. More and more bakeries are serving this delicious mardi gras cake in various sizes and designs.

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