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Style of Tango to Enroll in Houston, TX for Wedding Dance Lessons

Tango Style for Wedding Dance

Tango2Are you planning your wedding celebration? What will your wedding cake be? What’s the song that will play for your first wedding dance? Well, do you have anything in mind what to dance? It is probably easy for some, but it is actually challenging for those who do not have any background or familiar with the wedding dance styles. Most of the times, wedding dances are ballroom and Latin dances. The popular wedding dance is waltz and slow dancing.

You could easily pick that, but it is not a favorable choice for those who prefer a fun and exciting wedding first dance. If you want a dramatic and exciting ballroom style wedding dance, consider tango. You have heard of tango dance for sure, but do you know what is involved in tango dancing? Maybe you do from watching ballroom dance competitions or from friend who teaches ballroom dancing.

Fortunately, there are wedding tango dance lessons in Houston, TX and everyone is welcome to enroll. Whether you are an amateur or a pro dancer, single or engaged couples, you can join the groups or have a one-on-one tango dance lesson.

Tango has two styles. Although it was originally started in Argentina, it has grown bigger and another style emerged, American tango. There’s a difference between two styles, so that’s another thing you need to consider when enrolling for tango dance class. What do you think is suitable and you are more comfortable to learn and dance the Argentine tango or the American tango?

The Argentine tango is described as indefinite, complex, intimate and sensual. This style follows the 8-step rule unlike the other dance styles. Also, the one of the dancers have to follow the other dancer with intricate footsteps. Argentine tango also involves one of the dancers to embrace tightly the partner. With regards to the music used in dancing Argentine tango, it is romantic and melodic at the same time.

The American tango is characterized as codified, simplified, and dramatic. When tango was introduced to Europeans, it was adopted but evolved with newer influences. Instead of the indefinite and intimate style of the original Argentine tango, American tango was simpler and codified due to the open routines added. When you watch ballroom dancing competitions, it is mostly American tango that they are dancing instead of the Argentine tango. The music used in dancing American tango is more flexible because the instrumentation has a mix of percussion instruments.

Now before you enroll for wedding tango dance lessons in Houston, TX, make a decision by weighing the options. If you want a sensual and intimate dance, go for Argentine tango. For a more dramatic and flexible wedding dance song options, choose American tango.

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