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How to Get Ready for Your Wedding Headshots in Houston, TX?

Tips in Getting the

You want to have the best wedding headshot in Houston, TX for your big day, right? There are actually a couple of things that you have to keep in mind. Before heading to the studio think about all of the things that make up your personal brand and what you want others to take away from a glance at your profile page. Jot down some key words and phrases and bring them to your shoot. Think about what exemplifies your personal brand to you. Are there props that could help tell your story? Bring them along! You may want to tailor your profile picture from your wedding day based on the social platform you’re using. Remember to have fun! A relaxed, comfortable subject naturally exudes confidence.

Wedding headshots2What to Wear

It’s important that you look matches the image you’re trying to convey in your unique wedding. What you wear on a daily basis is a great place to start. Solid colors are always a great choice, as are tops with strong collars and necklines. You can even wear your very own gown for the most beautiful professional headshots Houston. Even though you’ll only be shot from the shoulders up, it’s important you’re pulled together from head to toe – you may want to shot or two that are pulled back a bit. Aim for clothes that complement your skin and eye tones and overall, steer clear of very bold colors.

Tips for Hair and Make-Up

When you are doing your own make-up for your headshot, wear it as you would to a job interview. Don’t wear sunglasses within 15 to 20 minutes of your shoot in order to avoid ruining your make-up and leaving little marks on your nose. Get a haircut before your shoot if it’s necessary but try to get it approximately a week before your shoot. Hair stylists tend to cut your hair so that it look best a week or so after you get it done. Plus if you are disappointed with your haircut, a week will give you enough time to get it fixed before getting your headshots taken.


Of course, your wedding headshots in Houston, TX should be wonderful. There are so many kinds of poses that you can do but, you need to make sure that it will make you look beautiful on the photos that you will get. There are many posing mistakes that couples make during their photo session. So you might need to take a peek from a couple of posing techniques that you can do for a better photo outputs. This will help you have the most wonderful photos in advance which will be perfect to be posted online for even frame it in your home.

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