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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Topics Couples Should Talk About Before Tying the Knot

Pre-Wedding Topic Discussion

Getting married means you need to be committed for the rest of your life to your partner. A married life is a big challenge for couples who are just starting. But before you could sign the marriage contract, allot time to talk about some things that are very valuable to be discussed beforehand.

About WeddingPolitics/Philosophy

Having die hard republican and liberal inside a single household will surely be a cause the house’s fall when lines are not drawn properly beforehand. Is true that talking about politics inside the house is not prohibited but it could be a cause of conflict. You don’t want your dinner to be like a presidential debate so often. Learn how to establish small talks versus serious political talks.


With intermarriages becoming as a trend these days, the religion goes along as well. While it is not expected that the couple will both have the same religion, it is still important to discuss about it. What if there will be kids in the future? To what religion will the kids be following? Are you required to attend religious gathering and practices? Things like these are important to discuss to ensure that you and your partner are on the same page.

Family and Career

Decide who the person who will stay at home is. There are cases when both the husband and wife are working. In the early 20s of your life, it is okay. But when 30s start to kick in, it is time to plan for the future: to have kids or not, to continue careers or not, to put up business and investment or not, and so on.


Marriage is like a business so money is always involved. Being married is always different from being single especially when handling cash. It is important that both the couple has an idea how to pinch penny. Most of the time, money is the main reason why most couples file a divorce. Learn how to manage cash as early as possible. If you have the tendency to overspend due to getting latest gadgets, always consult with your partner. Financial compromise is the key of a healthy relationship.  

According to married life experts, it is important to always iron these very sensitive topics beforehand as they are the major contributors to divorce. If you don’t want these things to ruin your marriage, better sit down with your partner and meet with an agreement.

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