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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Eco Friendly Wooden Engagement Rings in Oakland, CA

Picking Wooden Bridal Rings

It takes a higher form of appreciation for the couple to choose wooden engagement rings in Oakland, CA. Of all the rings out there, this is the most neglected one as it is not highly glamorized on TV and bridal magazines. Wooden bridal rings are down to earth and simple. If you think you can carry its simplicity with pride then this is the perfect accessory for you.

Elegant Wedding RingUnlike metal rings, wooden accessories aren’t hypoallergenic. Most wooden rings are having smooth finishes, so the surface is naturally fine and skin friendly. If you are having metal allergies, this is a great consideration.

Unlike metal rings, wooden ones are easy to personalize with different carvings. Wood carvings are really romantic especially if the symbols are specially requested by your fiancée. Engraving could also be given personal touches like matched set or burnt.

As you know, wood is not a conductor of electricity, so it is very safe to wear. If your partner has a very dynamic lifestyle, this diamond engagement rings Oakland is also very flexible and could survive the daily wear-tear.

If you want to display fine beauty on your ring, pick the wooden ones. There are a few stores that are selling this type of ring, so you can make sure that every piece of it is exquisitely unique and personalized. If you have no idea how to find one, contact your trusted provider of engagement rings in Oakland, CA and check if they have this type of item on their jewelry archive. Engagement ring is important but you still need to make sure that you have enough budget for your unique wedding.

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Photography Styles Many Indian Wedding Photographers in Houston, TX Practice

Which Wedding Photography Style You Would Like to Use?

photoHave you envisioned what your wedding album will look like? This is something that every married couple look forward to: showing their sons, daughters, and grandchildren how special their tying the knot day is. When you are looking for the best Indian wedding photographers in Houston, TX that you can hire, you should know what are the photography styles they commonly use when they put their skills and creativity to work.

Traditional style or the classic, posed or conventional wedding photography is the one that has been long used even before the period of digitals. This is consists of posed shots of the couple, group shots, and up to the whole wedding party. If you want your wedding album look formal, you can stick to being old-school.

On the other hand, contemporary Indian wedding photography Houston is rather different. If there is a traditonal, this is the modern counterpart. The take here is to create visually enticing images that are less formal and can make an impact. Don’t be too surprised if your wedding photos will look like a fashion magazine as it is derived from there.

For a wedding album that tells a story, you will like using reportage wedding photography style. Commonly known as photojournalistic photography style, your wedding photos will look like a documentary. The photographer’s goal here is to naturally be narrative while he or she follows the couple while taking pictures. Expect that there will be lots of candid and emotional pictures.

Apart from the three main wedding photography styles stated above, there are also other ones that came from the artistic minds of talented Indian wedding photographers in Houston, TX. With the help of creative lighting, angles, compositions, and advanced techniques, fine-art wedding photography style has been made. The “trash the dress” wedding photography style came from combining fine-art and contemporary. This is where the bride is dressed elegantly but is in a very out of place environment.

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