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Trends in Wedding Invitation that Every Couple Should Consider Trying

Wedding Invitation Trends

invitationThere are different ways to announce your wedding, and even more ways of spreading the word about your wedding day. Typically, a wedding invitation in form of a card is sent out to all the invited guests. Although much of the guests are aware of the wedding date, time and venue of the wedding, it is still done for formality.

Nevertheless, it should not make you discouraged to have a creative or unique wedding invitation. Nowadays, there are trends in wedding invitation that you should try. You should not settle for just a simple black and white wedding invitation card. If your budget could afford to have colorful and unique wedding invitations, then go for it.

The most popular one used in today’s wedding invitation is with illustration. Illustrated wedding invitations seem to be catching on. More and more wedding couples want to offer something different or unique even with their invitations. Illustrations in wedding invitations somehow reflect the personality of the couples too. For instance, a family-oriented wedding celebration would include family members in the invitation. If both couples are pet lovers, their furry friends are illustrated in the card too.

Illustrated wedding invitations can be expensive, especially if you hire someone to do the illustration. Typically, it is being customized especially if you want to have your faces illustrated too. If the budget is too tight, you can go for hand lettering. You can spend less on this trend of wedding invitation. When you or your partner or one of your friends is skilled or talented in custom lettering, then why not ask for help? It does not matter if you have some imperfections with the size and shapes of letters, because that’s the reason why it has become widely used in wedding invitations. Cursive or printed lettering are both beautiful.

Wedding invitation cards can catch everyone’s attention and stand out when used with bright and bold colors. Pastel colors are in for weddings, but deep blues, evergreens and burgundy colors are being used even more for wedding invitations.

You should definitely try any of these trends and find out which will work best according to your wedding requirements, budget and style.

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Why an ‘iPod Indian DJs are Terrible Idea for Wedding in Dallas, TX

Bad Choice in Hiring a DJ

Basically, many couples tend to opt for Indian wedding Djs rather than a live band. Though such idea is fine the only problem is that when you choose an iPod DJ rather than a live DJ. Both are two different type of wedding Dj so don’t be confuse. There are tons of bridal magazines and online blogs saying that iPod DJ is a practical way to cater your wedding without overspending. There are plenty of bad reasons why iPod DJ is not suitable for an Indian wedding.

Wedding DJWhen you choose iPod DJ rather than live Indian wedding DJs in Dallas, TX there is no interaction between the music itself and the guests this is because DJs can do emceeing while they are playing the music which means that they can set the mood in the reception area and have the opportunity to drag all the guest into the dance floor. Come to think about it, Indian wedding should be fun and lively and if there is no one in the reception that will lead the guests to the dance floor the party will be boring and blunt.

Live Indian wedding DJs in Dallas, TX can do a mashup or remix to the traditional Indian music which is not available in many iPod DJ. Live DJs are not plug and play, they even give you some gives that will surely entertain the guests. They can also give you quality music that iPod DJ can’t give you.

Having an iPod DJ can be more expensive than hiring a live DJ. This is because the music that you are going to download in the iTune store are quite pricey. There is no guarantee that the music that you are looking for can be found in iTune store, which means that it will cause another headache in wedding preparation. When you hire live Indian dj in Dallas your stress will be minimized because you don’t need to problem all the music that you want to play in your wedding.

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Preparation in Choosing Indian Wedding Catering in Houston for Your Grand Event

Indian Wedding Catering Service

Indian wedding is said to be festive and grandiose. One of the most awaited parts in the celebration is the wedding food and beverages.  Basically the Indian food is flavorful and bold this is why it is important that you only hire the best Indian caterer to serve these amazing foods. Before hiring any Indian wedding catering in Dallas, TX there are a lot of things that you need to take into consideration.

Indian Wedding Cateringirst you need to finalize the overall theme or style for the catering service. The style of the event will affect the entire celebration. You need to make sure to balance everything in your wedding whether it is simple or extravagant and traditional or modern. Simply because there are some Indian foods that are serve in traditional manners and some are infusion of Indian-Western food which is ideal for contemporary Indian Wedding. The style will also dictate the type of centerpieces, flowers and linens that will be used for the said gathering. If you are unfamiliar with this thing you may hire a planner to help you in choosing appropriate vendors such as Indian wedding catering in Dallas, TX.

The next thing that you need to consider before hiring Indian wedding catering in Dallas, TX is the setting or venue. Every venue comes in different sizes and style. It is important that when you choose caterers, they should have the experience of catering different venue styles. Such caterer may also help you finalizing your dream venue according to the experience they have. Keep in mind that in choosing any vendors such photographers, florists and venue providers, experience should always be on the top list. The experience of these vendors will also help you to minimize your problem and stress in wedding preparation.

Then there is the wedding menu. Some of the best Indian wedding catering in Dallas, TX customize the wedding menus that will suit you event and to your budget. A good caterer have flexible menu that will cater any budget. However, keep in mind that when you say affordable they will still cost couple of dollars without putting you in a serious debt. While choosing Houston Indian catering companies for your big day, it is also important that you find the vendors that handle every problem professionally.

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Questions to Ask When Picking Indian Wedding Venues in Dallas, TX

Deciding on a Wedding Venue

Choosing a venue for your wedding is not an easy task there are a lot of things that you need to consider. Though there are couple of articles online that give you hint on how to choose a venue provider but there are still some questions that are left unanswered. There are a lot of important questions for your wedding venue sales person that you need to ask for you to be able to pick the right and suitable Indian wedding venues Dallas, TX. Venues should always be included in wedding planning. It was said that 50 to 75% of your budget will be spent on the venue which includes the catering service and other vendors. With this huge amount, you need to make sure it is the perfect space for you.

Wedding VenueHere are some good points to consider when deciding on where to have your Indian wedding venues Dallas, TX.

What is the total cost of the venue and what will it cover?

This is the most important thing that you need to ask especially if you already set a particular budget. The cost and its cover will determine if the venue is suitable for you. It is important that you need to be straight forward when asking the cost and what will it cover so that you will know if you need to hire other vendors that will provide the services that the venue can’t provide such as in-house caterer, decoration, DJ or even the parking space and fee. If in case the cost is beyond your budget you need to consider it as less priority. This is why it is recommended to find Dallas Indian wedding venues ahead of time so that you have all the time in the world to find the most suitable to your budget.

What is the maximum capacity of the wedding venue?

One of the biggest issues you will have when choosing Indian wedding venues Dallas, TX is the number of people that the venue can hold. It is important that you will finalize the guest list first because this will be your bases on how big the venue will it be. For unexpected guests that were invited by your future in-law you need to rent a venue that will offer you some leeway in terms of numbers and who are willing to be slightly flexible.

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Sweet Ways of Presenting Cheesecakes in Houston, TX on Your Wedding

Ways on How to Serve Cheesecake

If you can’t get enough with the National Cheesecake Day then you can also get this kind of savory dessert on your nuptial event. Usually, cheesecakes are the types of desserts that most people eat when they do meet-ups in their favorite restaurants or coffee shops. You don’t need to go to these stores just to have a piece of cheesecake on your wedding; you can have it served right in front of your by the bakers of wedding cheesecake Houston.

Wedding CheesecakesCheesecake bar

Satisfy the cravings of your guests by simply putting up a cheesecake bar. The difference of this bar is that it lets the guests decide which topping they should put on their cheesecake. Also put up a jar of caramel, berries and fudge in the bar for your guests to choose from.

Miniature cheesecake

If cakes have cupcakes then your big cheesecakes should also have its smaller version. Miniature cheesecakes are served like cupcakes. It can also be arranged in a 7 tier stand, whether it’s wooden, ceramic, metal or not. You can also place it on a big platter and have it passed around the reception.

Cutting of cheesecake

It does not mean that you are serving a cheesecake you can’t have a cake cutting like activity anymore on our wedding. Go ahead and slice up your cheesecake like a real bridal cake. Of all the alternatives, wedding cheesecakes are considered as the closest, even better, to the traditional wedding cake.

Lollipop cheesecakes

Bring back the old times by serving a pop with a twist. Some would say that this kind of tradition is already out of style. But lately, serving pops is a perfect way to eat a wedding dessert. This will surely surprise your guests as they thought the pops are made of candies. They would surely be happy once they realized that instead of candy it is a cheesecake. This idea will also make your special day as unique wedding.

Celebrate the union in the sweetest way by serving wedding cheesecakes in Houston, TX. The above mentioned tips are highly valuable especially when you are about to hold a big event like this. Don’t forget to ask advice from your baker on how to make your cheesecake personalized.

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