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Guide for Indian Wedding Clothes Selection

How to Select Indian Bridal Attire

Indian ClothesAs a bride, the burden of looking great and being refreshed on your unique indian wedding day is such a bitter pill to take especially if you don’t have idea how to select attire that will make your personality shine. Indian wedding clothes are not like typical Western bridal attires. A western bride would usually wear a gown made from the finest fabric for a church wedding. On the other hand, Indian brides would usually wear ethnic inspired ensemble. Indian traditional wedding attires are focused more on red or golden palettes.

What is Lehnga Choli?
In Indian culture, the bride’s attire is called Lehnga Choli. This is a common bridal dress that is being put on by the bride on her wedding day; this is widely practiced and accepted by Indian communities. Like Western gowns, lehngas has a number of variations that you can wear such as fish cut, Kudan lehnga, Sari Lehnga and many more. Sometimes, you need to invest a lot of time in order to find a lehnga that reflects your preference.

Picking a light fabric
When it comes to fabric consideration, it is a must that you should pick light materials. Indian weddings could really get so humid especially when the celebration is being held during the summer. If you visit local bridal boutique shops, make sure that you consider light fabrics such as chiffon and georgette. You can also play along with the color and style to make it more posh.

Where to search lehngas?
Lehngas are everywhere these days as there are a number of modern bridal stylists investing on them. If you will stop by in Delhi, you can always visit popular lehngas market such as Karol Bagh, South Extension, Connaught Place, Chandi Chowk, Lajpat Nagar and many more.

Consider fusion for more variation
Your choices will not be gogin around the red and golden colors as there are so many options these days. In Indian tradition, they call it fusion of traditional elements. The fusion will yield into a more desirable looking lehngas designed with zardozi, plukari, brocade, beads and sequins. You can also go vintage with these decors. Plan the look of your Indian wedding saree with your stylist.

If you have no idea regarding the selection of Indian wedding clothes, make sure that you tap the assistance of an expert on Indian wedding attires.

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A Guide on Hiring Indian Wedding DJs for a Modern Indian Wedding

How to Hire an Indian Wedding DJ

Even though still sticking to the traditional, there are now also many who opt for fusing modern taste when it comes to Indian weddings. From choosing a contemporary venue to adding dishes that are not in the traditional menu, there are many ways on how you can make your Indian wedding as unique as it can be without altering the ceremonies. Another great way is advancing your wedding music. As for that, you will need to seek help from pro Indian wedding DJs.

Indians are very inclined to singing and dancing. Bollywood movies that can’t end with being so musical, you can also do it on your wedding day with a fresh approach. You can upgrade your new music by hiring your own wedding DJ. To learn how to hire a wedding DJ, just follow the guidelines below.

Always start with a research. It can be done through browsing the internet by using the always helpful Google or ask references from friends or family. To gather more information about the wedding DJ, there are now many who have websites or, at least, visible to many wedding directory sites. Don’t forget to check the testimonials.

Getting to know the stage. There are now many Indian wedding DJs available to provide their services anywhere. But before hiring them, it is important to know the experience, skills, style, and capability of the one you want to hire. You can do this to narrow your selection.

Ask for the services. Well, this also depends on their skills. Usually, there are some who can also act as your master of ceremony. You also have to check about the equipment and facility they bring on their work. You will be paying them to play music at its best quality that is why you have to know if they are also using quality sound systems, etc.
Review the contract and policies. Know what solution your wedding DJ can offer in case he failed to show up on your big day. Ensure that everything you required and agreed upon is stated on the contract before signing it. To find reputable DJs visit

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A Guide on Looking for Different Wedding Jewelry Stores in Houston TX

What to Do When Looking For Jewelry Stores

It is always advisable to look for a wedding dress first before shopping for bridal jewelry. At least, you get to know which accessories will go along your white dress. If you think that looking for good wedding jewelry stores in Houston, TX is as difficult as shopping for your wedding dress, then you are wrong as long as you follow these tips.

Research is always first
Gathering information can now be done with your fingertips. With the power of internet, you can now search not only for the best wedding jewelry stores in Houston, TX near your area but also for you other wedding needs too. Start by using Google and visit wedding directory sites. Websites, information and contact details, and feedbacks from clients of different jewelry stores are mostly provided there.

ringOpt for online wedding jewelry stores
Shopping online can reap you many advantages than Houston jewelry stores. You can save time and be more flexible. In addition to that, there are many online stores that offer wide range of wedding pieces that you can’t even find at your local stores.

Consider renting instead of buying
Instead of looking for a wedding jewelry store, why not go for a store that only lets you rent some. With jewelry rental stores, you can have the chance to wear beautiful gems at your most important day in your life. Expensive jewelries can be rented at a more affordable price rather than buying them.

Ask for recommendations
After doing an online research and still have not found a good Houston jewelry stores, there is no harm in asking the people close to you. Ask other brides you know or get recommendations from your wedding vendors.

Attend expos
This is an event when all the industries when it comes to your wedding needs gather to showcase their products and services. It would be helpful if you do not only find a selection of wedding jewelry retailers there but for your hair and makeup too.

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