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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Proper Dry Cleaning for Wedding Dress

Wedding Gown Dry Cleaning Tips

Wedding gown is filed with unforgettable moments about the ceremony and reception. It is a valuable dress that every woman can keep remembering the day she and her husband tied the knot. Dry cleaning wedding dress in Atlanta will help you preserve its beauty.

Here are some tips to make your dress look amazing on your wedding day and also for years to come

  • Make your last modification on the bridal gowns Atlanta GA. Take longer time for the alterations if necessary.
  • Choose the best dry cleaning service to clean, steam, and keep your dress safe before the ceremony, some bridal shop Atlanta offer such service.
  • Some women use Scotch guard or any professional stain repellent applied on the dress to minimize the stain caused by spills.
  • Professional dry cleaners are experienced in a situation such as make-up or cake stain on your dress. Their advice can help remove the stain after the wedding to further preserve its beauty.
  • Even with little dirt and dust on dress, hand it to a professional dry cleaner to deal with make-up residue, oils from the body, and other particles and dust. They are specialized in making your dress immaculate.
  • There are many wedding gown preservation specialists in your area. They have a special type of process to keep your gown clean and preserve it in an airtight-like package for proper storage.

A wedding dress is made up of fabrics that may get ruined if not taken proper care. Consider dry cleaning wedding dress in Atlanta to maintain its gorgeous features. For a bride, there is only one wedding dress that made her wedding day special.

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Consider These Things When Selecting Beach Wedding Venues in Los Angeles, CA

How to Pick a Wedding Venue

Today, more and more couples are getting married on the beach to realize their dream of exchanging their vows in paradise. And the shorelines of Los Angeles, California are famous for their glistening sand, majestic ocean and romantic sunsets. If you want to have a wedding in paradise, marry in one of the beach wedding venues in Los Angeles, CA.

Nonetheless, planning for the perfect shore wedding entails plenty of research, brainstorming and often stressful days and nights. But worry not! The following are the tips to make your beach wedding remarkable and free of stress as well.

First, treat your wedding like a vacation. Oftentimes, the couple is overwhelmed by a great number of tasks that need to be done. It can include the budget plans, invitations, caterers and many others. But remember that you wedding day is a celebration to enjoy your best moments with your dear ones. Make these tasks a challenge by staying excited and not panicking.

Second, have an ample knowledge of your outdoor wedding venues. Many couples often commit the mistake of not knowing anything about their wedding venue. You must get familiar with the beach, the halls and other areas of your wedding venue. This way, you’ll be able to know the proper logistics to be used, which can save you a lot of money. You can also take advantage of cheap wedding venues in Los Angeles area so do your research first.

Lastly, be aware of the local weather knowledge. You may not have a control over the weather but you can consider the tides, the wind direction and the time of the year when deciding for the location of your wedding. Some beach wedding venues in Los Angeles, CA are known for stronger winds at certain times of the year. If you don’t want your big day to end up a disaster, consider the local weather at all times.

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Suggestions of Special Wedding Chapels That You Can Use in Las Vegas NV

Suggested Unique Wedding Chapels

wedding chapel

Do you want your special event to be really memorable and full of fun? Choose the special wedding chapels in Las Vegas, NV and you will see what we are talking about. In Nevada alone, there are so many choices that you could pick which is wallet friendly and accessible. If you want to inject extra special, you need to get out of the box of the usual or traditional wedding and look for a cheap wedding venues in Las Vegas that will fit your needs.

1. Little chapels
Nothing beats the beauty of small chapels here in Las Vegas. This is perfect for secret and private weddings. No need for extravagant preparations as everything will be simple. You can go classy with this type of set-up by choosing simple touches of flowers and classic gown.

2. Chapel in a winery
If you wanted to join the trend, you can go ahead and book a winery chapel near you. Wedding in a winery is good for vintage and classic themed ceremony. Plus, you will enjoy the scenic and rustic setting that the place provides. You can relax with your guests as you share good wine.

3. Waterfront chapel
If you want a calm and scenic environment, choose a chapel near the sea, lake or river. This nautical themed location will be perfect during sunshine and sunset wedding. Make sure that you check the weather pattern before you book this place.

4. Chapels in country club
This could be a bit pricey chapel but who cares if you are after for the luxury and enjoyment. The reception will also be so close so you need to worry about arranging your catering afterwards. If you have plenty of budgets, this is a good choice.

Special wedding chapels in Las Vegas, NV will let you experience something extraordinary that you haven’t seen and experienced for a long time. To find your preferred chapel, let your personal style be in control.

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The Famous Wedding Venues by The Key’s in Miami, FL

Top Wedding Venue Spots to Tie the Knot on the Florida Keys

The sun, sand and surf are one of the perks of living in Miami, Florida. Also, one of the most visited places in Miami that offers all these is the Florida Keys. The Keys is not only a destination for tourists during summer, but also a choice for wedding couples searching for wedding venues by the key’s in Miami FL.

Whether you are planning a formal or unique wedding style, there are wedding venues that would certainly fit your preference. Consider the following venues for your wedding.

Little Palm Island
Plan your wedding in the Little Palm Island with their exclusive full island wedding event offer. You will be able to use the entire island exclusively for your wedding. There is nothing to worry about unexpected guests and prowling mob. There will be yacht transfers, gourmet meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner and even water sport amenities for you and your guests. For couples who want a memorable and intimate wedding celebration, Miami reception halls will always be the top choice.

Hawks Cay
If you have not yet decided where to exchange vows with your partner, you can visit Hawks Cay and check out their beautiful Miami venues by the Florida Keys. The classic sunset beach or gazebo is still popular choices, but you might consider checking the Landings where you will be close to beach without getting sand in your shoes. However, Hawks Cay is more popular for couples who want to have a one-of-a-kind destination wedding with their Blue Catamaran. Sail into the reef and be surrounded by tropical fishes and cruise into the sunset as you exchange vows.

Cheeca Lodge & Spa
Another famous wedding venues by the key’s in Miami FL is the Cheeca Lodge & Spa. If you cannot bring your entire family and guests to Hawaii where you dream to have your wedding, the Cheeca can arrange an elaborate and elegant wedding ceremony followed with Hawaiian inspired venue for the wedding party.

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