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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Selecting Routes for Limo Service in Miami, FL for a Comfortable Transportation

Enjoy Your Trip by Selecting the Right Routes in Miami, FL

The city of Miami is well known for its stunning beaches and fast lifestyle but it is also home to some of the most beautiful tourist spots in the world. This is the reason why more and more people are going to Miami in order to unwind and relax.

If you are planning to visit Miami here is the tips; you should also know that the city is home to busy streets and sidewalks that are why you need to hire the services of a limo company of you are planning to take a trip in the city. Miami International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world and if you want to reach your destination in a comfortable way, you need to select routes for limo service in Miami FL.

limo hummer

Hiring the services of a limo company will enable you to have a chance to hire a chauffeur so that you do not have to drive and deal with the busy streets. The chauffeur knows all of the directions around the city and is also familiar with the shortcuts to take in order for you to avoid traffic and reach your destination easily.

When it comes to selecting routes for limo service in Miami FL, your chauffeur will know the right paths to take. It is very important that you hire a reliable and trusted limo company in the first place so that you can rest assured that you will have the services that you pay for.

You can be able to enjoy your travel to the city of Miami and you will be able to avoid the hustle and bustle of the traffic by choosing an expert and knowledgeable chauffeur who will handle the driving of your limo service miami fl.

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4 of the Best Wedding Photography Providers in San Francisco, CA

Award Winning Wedding Photography

Are you still looking for a service of wedding photography in San Francisco CA area? Don’t panic because you will eventually stumble into the right photographer who can cater all your needs in your wedding event.

To save you from exhaustion of finding trusted photographers, we have compiled the best wedding photography in San Francisco, California where you could seek assistance.

1. Photography of Milou and Olin
The quality of her photos highlights fresh concept which pave way to her career as one of the most sought photographers who cover weddings here in California. Her feminine touch to the images she takes makes the album really stunning. You decision will never be wrong if you choose her service. Interview Caroline in this number 415-513-5761.

2. Photography of Sarah Maren
Her photography type is well focused on the joyful element of the special ceremony. Her output will tell your love story in series of stunning photos. If you review her portfolio, you can observe that she loves snapping smiling moments of both bride and groom. Her albums are reminiscent of a more relaxed and laid back lifestyle of the couple. Call now at 916-538-3602.

wedding photographer3. Photography of Paco and Betty
This husband and wife team produces one of the great photography all over San Francisco. In order to produce good portfolios, the couple undergoes training in Academy of Art University. Their albums are very distinctive from the rest. Book now by calling 415-505-0008.

4. Catherine Hall Studios
Her photos are reminiscent of her smart attitude. She was trained at Oxford to fuse her skills with the right elements. In a year, she would only do 15 wedding shoots to ensure the best outcome. Be one of the lucky 15 couples on her list. Call her at 415-839-6711.

The list we have provided here is the trusted wedding photography in San Francisco CA so you no longer need to worry of their quality. These providers are available to travel wherever you are. Arrange your wedding shoot plan now with them.

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How to Choose Simple Wedding Dresses in Dallas TX

Elegant yet Simple Wedding Dress

It is very important that if you want to have a unique wedding, you need to find perfect wedding dress. If you’re looking for a wedding dress that is effortless and lovely, you’ve come to the right place. One of the most exciting parts of planning your wedding is deciding what you will wear on the big day. Sometimes, less is more and all that you need to make your day perfect is a sweet, simple wedding dress. Selecting the perfect simple gown is a unique experience for every bride. For some, the process is exciting and there is a clear vision of what the bride wants to look like on their wedding dress. Finding the right style to suite your body can be difficult.  Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect but simple bridal dresses Dallas TX.


The best place to starts is with open mind. Starting with a few simple styles will help you narrow it down. You need to start early. Start with pictures of dresses or details that you like and take it with you when you shop.  Finding the right style to suite your body can be difficult. Start with a folder with pictures of dress or details that you like and take it with you when you shop. Sometimes, what you think you want may not look like much on the hanger but looks great on you. You won’t know unless you try it on. It’s helpful to get advice and input from your family and close friends. But the ultimate decision is for you to make. When looking for simple wedding dresses in Dallas TX, make sure to set your budget! Figure out how much you want to spend. Focus on the fit not size. Ultimately, it’s your day and you need to follow your heart.

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More Convenient and Practical Indian Weddings in the US

How You Can Have an Indian Wedding with the Help of the Professionals

You may be living in the land of the free and home of the brave, but if what you need is the typical Indian wedding you don’t have to worry anymore. Gradually, planning services for Indian weddings in the US are now emerging in the market. Hindu wedding planners can now be hired to help you with your partner’s respectable way of exchanging vows during your indian wedding.

Indian brides and grooms can now be more relaxed if they need professional help on their wedding. When you are looking for a wedding planner that specializes in Indian weddings in the US, be aware that some are just freelancers but can help you a lot. They may be only working at home that is why their services are a lot cheaper than those who are from bigger companies.

Indian wedding may be considered to be at a higher level. But with the professional help of a planner and consultant, you can make it more special and efficient. Through this, you can also save more instead of going back home to India just to have the wedding. Why go far if your Indian wedding can already be done here in the states of America where you are residing for a long time?

Aside from Indian wedding planner and consultants, there are now a number of Indian designers that offer high-end traditional wardrobes and accessories for the bride and groom’s wedding. It is now time to be practical. Instead of doing the shopping in India, you can now make your wedding preparation less stressful. Better spend that money on your wedding needs than a ticket to India that can be a costly expense as well.

In addition to that, you can also make your traditional Indian wedding bit modern. With the help of the right professionals and wedding vendors, you can now achieve your dream wedding. Celebrate your culture the most convenient way with your spouse to be and your family. Indian wedding will make your wedding unique.

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Joy T Photography, Houston Wedding Photographer: Fantastic Ideas to Get a Superb Wedding Photographer

Amazing Wedding Photography Ideas

After you have chosen the date and the location of your wedding, the next thing that you need to find is the perfect wedding photographer to capture the special moments of your big day. If you have chosen to tie the knot in the marvelous city of Houston in Texas, Joy T Photography, a Houston wedding photographer can be your perfect photojournalist. There are not so many good wedding photographers in Houston, but Joy T fixes that problem and will proof the best expectations.

wedding photography

But in choosing your photographer, remember that shutterbugs come in different shapes and sizes. In other words, no two photographers are the same. Follow these suggestions when you start looking for someone who’ll take shots of your wedding day.

First and foremost, before you start looking for a wedding photographer, determine what style of wedding photos you want for your big day. Today, the photojournalistic and magazine-style of wedding albums are the most popular. However, it is ideal to choose the best style that would reflect your personality and your taste.

Candid photographs are also great ways to present your wedding photos. It could be your dad or your mom holding back their tears, the bride throwing his bouquet to her bridesmaids or the guests enjoying your party. Once you have determined the style of your wedding photos, you can narrow down your choices of a wedding photographer.

Once you have some prospects of your wedding day photographer, start asking about the packages and deals these people offer and how they will be able to provide these to you. Will they provide you your pictures in print, in CD or in a canvas? Joy T Photography, a Houston wedding photographer offers all kinds of records of your wedding photos or whatever format you might it to come.. Read more about Joy T Photography.

When hiring for a wedding photographer, make sure to discuss your wedding theme with him or her. In doing so, you’ll giving the photographer the idea about the tools and techniques he or she will use to create the photos that are highlighting your wedding theme.

Joey T Photography
2000 Edwards St #118, Houston, TX 77007
(713) 299-9752

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The Expert Tips for Down Town Wedding Photography in NYC at Night

Night Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding PhotographerNew York City is one of the busiest cities in the world. Everyone is living a fast paced life. While you are making your way downtown and walking fast to work, you can witness a few couples posing in front of the camera, holding hands or kissing under the street light. It is a normal thing to witness in the downtowns of New York City, when couples portray the famous kiss during the V-J Day in Times Square.

The streets of New York are more alive at night than during the day. For this reason, many couples choose to have their down town wedding photography in NYC at night as it offers more richly colored than the day.

If you are planning for your engagement photo session, it is important you have some ideas in mind that you would like to share to your photographer. You can trust your photographer, but the success of the wedding photography lies between you and the photographer. So think about shooting at night where street lights illuminate and there’s a prowling crowd.


The night lights in the down town of New York are beautiful. If you are a New Yorker, you know exactly the best places that offer magnificent night lights to your wedding pictures. The Times Square is one of the brightest spots in NYC and where people are abundant. There are flashing lights everywhere and can help your photographer capture shadow and silhouettes too.

If you prefer an intimate and less crowded downtown area for your wedding shoots, choose a safer location. You don’t want your top NYC wedding photographers end up getting mugged or have the camera stolen.

Many wedding photographers have captured the highlights of New York City at daylight. Yet only a few wedding couples and photographers have taken the road less traveled and captured the best photo opportunities at night. Share these tips of down town wedding photography in NYC at night to your wedding photographer. Find out more about best NYC wedding photojournalism.

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Luscious Chocolate Cakes: Three Brothers Bakery in Houston Attempting Wedding cakes

Tasty Wedding Cakes in Houston

Chocolate wedding cakes never fail to make every wedding special and amazing. More and more couples nowadays choose to have these luscious cakes because everybody loves chocolates and the designs that these cake are made. Amazing wedding cakes made by Three Brothers Bakery in Houston are one of the most sought-after creations in Houston nowadays.

There are actually different styles of chocolate cakes and decor tips creations that you can choose from. Check this out.

Chocolate Sculpture

Sculpted chocolates are one of the most artistic form of dessert and cake creations. Only few cake shops and patisseries have mastered the craft. This is because chocolate sculpture involves sculpting images from pure chocolate and pure chocolates are quite expensive. Hence, adding chocolate sculptures to your wedding cake can really make your centerpiece stunning.

Mini Chocolates

If you want unique and fashionable wedding cakes Houston TX, mini chocolate cakes are your perfect pick. Today, more and more weddings are making beautiful arrangements of small cakes to create a fashionable and cute-looking wedding cakes. Tiers of chocolate cupcakes are absolutely tempting and can be decorated and arranged in any fashion that you want. But if you want to have a cake to cut during the meals, you can still have a larger vision of the cupcakes.


Also called as Piece Montee, Croquembouche is a traditional French wedding cake that are made of beautifully tiered cakes. Piece Montee is a tower-looking arrangements of profiteroles which never fails to mesmerize those who look at it. The Croquembouche developed from the French’s tradition of guests bringing sweets to the wedding and add them to make a delicious tower for the newly wed couple.
Having these amazing wedding cakes made by Three Brothers Bakery in Houstonin your special day can surely make your wedding day brilliantly beautiful, fashionable and memorable.

Three Brothers Bakery
4036 S Braeswood Blvd Houston, TX 77025
713.666.2253 (CAKE)

Three Brothers Bakery
12393 Kingsride Ln Houston, TX 77024
Phone: 713.464.2253 (CAKE)

Three Brothers Bakery
4606 Washington Ave Houston, TX 77007
713.522.2253 (CAKE)

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The Bell Tower on 34th Street: One of the Best Wedding Venues in Houston, Texas and Ultimate Wedding Venue

Perfect Venue on your Wedding Day

If you’re looking for the perfect wedding venue for your wedding in the beautiful city of Houston here are some helpful tips. The Bell Tower on 34th Street is one of the best wedding venues in Houston, Texas. This place has all the things that you need to have a perfect and exclusive wedding services.If you’ve decided to tie the knot in Houston, choose the The Bell Tower on 34th Street, one of the affordable wedding venue in Houston, Texas.

The Bell Tower on 34th: At a Glance

The Bell Tower is surely an amazing location if you’re dreaming of a stylish and intimate wedding ceremony and reception. Located in the heart of Houston, The Bell Tower on 34th is a spectacular venue that can delight you and your guests and even exceed your expectations.


The Bell Tower’s architecture is inspired by and reminiscent of the grand Italian villas and luxurious European haciendas. This place is ideal for special events like weddings, of course, with its unique destination-style facilities and can accommodate 75 or more wedding guests.

Event Organizer

The Bell Tower on 34th Street knows very well that your wedding day is special, unique and one-of-a-kind occasion of your life. This venues experienced event producers are always ready to take care of all your needs to make your big day more special, stress-free and fun. You can contact the place and ask for their packages that fit your budget and your preference.


The cost of The Bell Tower’s on 34th is completely customizable. Starting at $12, 500, you can have an all inclusive designer style wedding celebration. Moreover, the Bell Tower offers day and evening or indoor or outdoors events at a price that is reasonable and with no hidden fees. For instance, if you decide on the Ballroom and the Menu, you can have the basic tables, chairs, linens, silverware and china and many more. For more details visit

Event Hours

Usually, events include 7 hours, 2 hours of setting up the venue, up to 4 hours of the event and an hour of vendor breakdown. All daytime events must end by 4 in the afternoon and evening events may start anytime after 6 in the evening, more here

The Bell Tower on 34th
901 W 34th St, Houston, TX 77018
(713) 868-2355

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Show Off Your Moves by Enrolling for Wedding Dance Lessons in Houston TX

Wedding Dance Lesson TXLearn How to Dance

Wedding dance is one of the best and unique wedding ideas that you could keep for the rest of your life. But some couple does not know how to dance well like others. Worry not because you can enroll for wedding dance lessons Houston to get yourself comfortable. Some people are born to dance but some aren’t so it is a good thing that these dance schools are existing. Why there is a need to enroll for dance lessons? Some people who are not used to dancing may have unsynchronized movements. To cut those seemingly awkward movements, one should be polished through dance sessions. It will take a while until the person will be comfortable.

Practice is the key to master the movement smoothly. Basic dance lessons are also good for people who do not have any clue on how to move their body on the dance floor. It is your wedding so you should at least have the basic knowledge of the basics in ballroom dancing. With your dance lessons, you can be able to learn tango, waltz, cha-cha-cha, rumba, samba, jive, pasa doble and many more. These types of basic dances have different techniques that you could incorporate in your wedding. But learning these dances is not easy as you need to pour out your time and dedication along the process.

Learning these basic techniques of salsa classes Houston will not hurt you. It will benefit yourself at the same time you can be able to show to your guests that you have the moves. Dance schools will teach you all the basics of dancing. You will be taught on how to smoothly flow with the music. The dance lessons will slowly build up you as a good dancer until you gain full confidence and mastery. Dance practices could also be a good stress reliever for both the couple. It is natural to feel stressed out during the wedding planning stage. But learning the different dance of ballroom dance lessons Houston  can really help you in many ways., read more

Since dance is an expression, both the couple will be able to channel their negative energy into something productive and fulfilling. Before enrolling for wedding dance lessons in Houston TX, make sure that you have decided which school or instructor you should choose. Go ahead and read reviews online regarding the services provided in your area.

Premier Dance USA
4003 Bellaire Blvd, Suite GG, Houston TX 77025
(713) 668-2255 (CALL)

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