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Monthly Archives: April 2014

How to Transform a Venue into a Beautiful Wedding Ballroom in Long Island

Wedding Venue Transformation

wedding ballroomGrand weddings need a lot of preparations but if you want to focus on your wedding reception and wedding chapels in Long Island, a beautiful wedding ballroom will suffice. A beautiful wedding ballroom in Long Island you found might be the best but will it look good with your chosen wedding theme as well? It is now time to learn how to transform your wedding ballroom into something you desire, here are some wedding tips.

First of all, you should know that not every ballroom found in hotels is striking. That is why there are available means of decorating your booked ballroom that will provide a comfortable atmosphere to you and your partner and to your guests.

One best way of creating a drama is through covering the ballroom with drapery. White linen is appropriate for wedding events. A tent effect will provide comfort and security and will fill in the empty spaces on the ceiling.
To add drama for the ballroom’s transformation, sparkle is what you surely need. You can accomplish this by hanging crystal chandeliers. You can also and some backlight behind the white fabric covering the walls. Choose a backlight color that matches your wedding theme but at the same time does not clash with the light the chandeliers give off in your wedding venues in Long Island.

Nothing beats the beauty of fresh flowers. Floral arrangements everywhere provide a softer atmosphere that balances the sparkle your lights provide. Hire the best florist that you can trust for beautiful wedding ballroom in Long Island!
Make the dance floor a majestic centerpiece. You can do it by adding different lighting effect that keeps it apart from the rest of the room. Make it a beautiful centerpiece with the newly-wed dancing off their hearts with it.

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