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How to Make a Unique Wedding

Most of the couples these days are dreaming of an extraordinary wedding event. Preparing for a wedding is indeed full of excitement but making it unique than the rest is a different thing. If you want to deviate from the typical wedding, all you need to do is spare your time and focus on customizing from the very small details of your wedding.

If it was really your dream to make your wedding stand out from the rest, here are the top 3 things that you need to customize:

1. Cakes. Typical wedding cakes are boring so you might want to play a little bit on it. Unique wedding cakes are the ones that will make heads turn. The best examples of unique wedding cakes are the ones designed with black laces, different colors, flavors and many others. Some makers are playing along with its size. If you can’t make it too big, make it too small— cupcake like. If your cake can’t be too modern in terms of style, you could go classic.

2. Dress. A unique wedding dress is the one that is not traditionally faithful. You can play along with patterns of your dress so that it will not look bluntly white. Some brides are changing the colors of their dress. Although changing the color is quite revolutionary, it looks cool as long as the bride can pull it off. You can customize your dress all you want but you need to be very careful because you might look funny once it becomes too much.

3. Wedding Speech. Funny vows are really interesting and cute when being exchanged by the couple. Unique wedding speech is entertaining so you might want to try it. Funny speeches change the serious and emotional mood of the event. Always be careful when you deliver it so that it won’t look too much. The best tip is to be natural and spontaneous when you deliver it.

How to Find Houston’s Caterer with Creative Menus

Houston wedding catering One of the most important things that you need to consider when hiring a caterer is the food they serve. It is not really hard to find creative catering menus. Houston is one of the nesting grounds of idealistic caterers. There are a lot of catering companies here that will provide you with a unique and distinctive cuisine for your special events. Houston catering companies have become so popular in the U.S.

In order to find creative catering companies in Houston, you need to do a little research. You may ask your friends or family about their experiences with Houston catering company. If in case you are having a hard time deciding, you may check the internet and read some reviews of previous clients.

When choosing a creative menu you need to understand that this kind of set up is quite expensive. Before hiring a caterer you need to compare the menus from one company to another. You need to be vigilant with their food. There should be meat and veggies. This is very important because every guest has their own preferences when it comes to food. Some are vegetarians and some are not. That is why it is ideal to have both in your party. Click here now!

There are some caterers who serve native cuisine with modern twist. This is ideal because your guests will be amazed of how an ordinary dish turns into a more sophisticated food. Usually these kinds of foods are quite affordable because the ingredients that will be used are available in your local supermarket.

But if you want to consider an international cuisine you need to prepare a bigger budget. This is kind of critical because some international cuisines may not fit into the taste buds of your guests and they will end up starving. So before picking this kind of menu, make sure that your guests have a proper orientation or experience with those foods so that you will avoid any problem.

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